The snow may fall gently and gracefully but we typically don’t.  The winter can be a challenging time of year for many individuals, as the number of falls and their severity typically increase during these months.  Here are a few points to consider as we approach the winter months;

  1. Wear appropriate footwear. Thick and wide rubber soles as well as low heels provides for greater traction on snow and ice.
  2. Ensure your walk ways, steps and driveway are shoveled and salted or sanded.
  3. Plan your route and give yourself a bit more time.  Rushing will increase your risk of falling.
  4. Use objects around you as support.  (For example; holding hand rails as you go up/down steps or placing your hand on your vehicle as you approach the car, enter and/or exit.
  5. Wipe your feet before entering a building or entrance.  Cold, snowy boots can become quite slippery when you enter a warm building.
  6. Use sidewalks and avoid roads and shortcuts.
  7. Leave later.  If you have flexibility in your schedule, waiting till later in the morning or early afternoon will allow the snow ploughs and salt trucks to clear the roads and pathways appropriately.
  8. Ask for help or assistance.
  9. Be prepared and monitor the weather.
  10.  Stay strong and agile.  Exercise, strength and balance training and will help you stabilize yourself better and prevent falls.