Jacob WasilewskiBSc (Kin), MPhtyST.

  • Exercise and Rehabilitation Specialist

Jacob Wasilewski is a new addition to our team. He graduated from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia with a Masters of Physiotherapy Studies in 2017. He practiced in Australia for over a year, returning to Canada to reconnect with his family, friends, newfound girlfriend (sorry ladies) and to tackle the National licensing exams in Canada. Jacob intends to be licensed as a Physiotherapist by end of 2019.

His passion to pursue an education and career in physiotherapy was fueled by his earlier endeavours (about 10 years ago) as a Certified Personal Trainer which led him to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Time after time, Jacob witnessed first hand the power and efficacy exercise had in improving the lives of others in multi-dimensions. From preparing a mixed martial artist for his professional debut to facilitating the independent mobility of severely deconditioned elderly patient following a long stint in intensive care, Jacob has been fortunate to acquire a breadth of experience working with various populations in various capacities. Upon reflection, Jacob humbly admits that over the years, he has likely learned more from his patients/clients than they have learned from him through his teachings. To this day Jacob strives to continue learning about exercise/rehabilitation sciences and strength trains regularly, essentially practicing what he preaches.

Jacob adopts an active approach to rehabilitation and performance enhancement. He believes a patient centered approach with optimal communication and consideration of biopsychosocial domains of health is integral to his philosophy of practice. He enjoys a challenge and is mentally stimulated by challenging cases! Jacob truly believes he was destined to be in this field and feels blessed to have found his life calling. The joy of accomplished brought upon him by his patients further reinforces this belief. In closing, Jacob feels that it is never too late to start today. So, if you’re hesitating on taking that first step to improve your overall quality of life and sense of happiness, the only question you should answer is what are you waiting for?