Jacob WasilewskiBSc (Kin), MPhtyST.

  • Registered Physiotherapist
  • Strength and Movement Coach
  • Functional Rehabilitation 

Jacob completed his Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland, Australia (world renowned with respect to musculoskeletal physiotherapy). His practical skills emphasized manual therapy of the spine and peripheral joints. He has over 10 years of experience working with patients through exercise, including personal training and varsity sports strength and conditioning. Jacob has also had “on-field” experience as a sports medic for a variety of youth sports in Australia where he gained invaluable experience in acute assessment/management of sports injuries and athletic-taping techniques.

Jacob has been working at Active Health Institute since 2019. He combines manual and exercise therapy, clinical reasoning and inter-personal skills to create a patient centered approach, improve outcomes and work towards a long-term solution for his patients. Jacob utilizes his extensive knowledge of functional movement to clearly communicate and educate his patients on creating improved movement efficiency and body awareness to help prevent recurrent injury.

Jacob’s gentle manual therapy techniques has been an effective form of treatment for both acute and chronic conditions.  He has helped many patients with spine, nerve and peripheral joint issues including those of the knee, hip, shoulder, ankle and even the temporo-mandibular joint. Jacob enjoys his practice, the challenge of problem solving and the satisfaction of helping others achieve their health-related goals. He is confident in the ability to help with every new problem a patient brings to him when they walk through the doors at Active Health Institute.