Timothy J. Wong, RMT

  • Registered Massage therapist

Hi, my name is Timothy, I became a member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario in the year of 2007 as well as a member with the Ontario Massage Therapist Association and a registered massage therapist. What led me to be trained in physical rehabilitative services was through my young to early adolescent stages enduring various types of injuries from competitive sports to motor vehicle impacts.

During my intensive training at Sutherland-Chan Teaching & Clinic I was immersed in a variety of different classes such as the human anatomy and physiology, neurology, medical research methods all while learning diverse manual techniques and working with various different people. I was fortunate to work with people of all ages, from Diabetic patients at the West Park Long Term Rehabilitation Centre to nervous dysfunctional patients at the Lyndhurst Hospital in Toronto, ON. All of the outreaches have provided me with vast knowledge and ability to work with a variety of communities and conditions. The manual techniques I perform range from myofascial releases, neuromuscular techniques, Swedish/Petrissage massage techniques, Lymphatic drainage as well as sports massage techniques to Deep tissue massage with the inclusion of hydrotherapy.

My goals as a massage therapist are to help people of the public recover from as much physical injury and manage their pain, as well as increase wellness through massage therapy. I hope to educate the public more about massage therapy practices and its benefits in guiding them how to stretch/strengthen muscles needed to remain well within their postures.

Alongside to being a practitioner in the clinic, I enjoy balancing lifestyle with recreational activities such as weightlifting, swimming, cycling, and walking with my puppy, to striving for optimal achievements personally and professionally correlating individual wellness with health.