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Metabolic Testing

Eliminate the guess work.


What is Metabolic Testing and why is it important?

Metabolic testing is the evaluation of how your body uses calories at both rest and exercise. It measures how many and from where these calories come from, for example, what percentage comes from fat or carbohydrates.

Metabolic testing eliminates the guess work. It helps you to determine how much to eat and at what physiological exercise zones you need to work at to achieve your goals.

Knowing how your metabolism works is essential to creating a plan to live healthy, look and feel better with increased energy, and perform to your full potential. The New Leaf metabolic assessment and training program is based on decades of medical research and proven scientific know-how.

Who can benefit?

EVERYONE! Whether you’re just starting to exercise or you’re training for your next marathon, you can boost your metabolism. And that means you can achieve your goal of better health, fitness, or athletic performance when your exercise and nutrition plans are based on your personal metabolic profile. Each test is completely INDIVIDUALIZED, no two tests are identical, it is tailored to you and only you.

Resting Metabolic Test

The resting metabolic test evaluates your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Your BMR is how many calories your body would burn if you were to lie down and not move for 24 hours. These are the calories your body needs in order to sustain its vital processes such as breathing, circulation, etc.

Why can diets be a bad thing

During many fad diets, you are told to minimize your caloric intake, for example they say to eat 800-1000 calories a day. This is extremely detrimental to anyone trying to achieve weight loss. When your caloric balance drops below your BMR, your body goes into starvation mode, slowly burning calorie-hungry muscle mass while clinging to calorie dense fat tissue. You may lose some weight at first, but in the long run, you’ll have trained your body to burn calories very, very slowly. Achieving your healthy weight will get tougher and tougher to do. When you complete your diet and begin to eat normally again, the weight will begin to come back and ultimately making you heavier than before due to your body’s starvation reaction to the diet.

The key to losing weight safely, effectively, and quickly is to eat enough nutrient-rich foods to stay above your BMR, but below your total daily caloric needs. This does not allow for your body to go into starvation.

How is your BMR measured?

Measuring your metabolism is easy and fast. Just breathe normally inside a mask for around 15 minutes and that’s it! You will get the actual amount of calories your body burns at rest.

What information is provided?

The information provided is your exact BMR, and what calories come from fats vs carbohydrates at rest. During this evaluation, your body composition and body measurements are also completed to provide you with a good baseline in order to determine your goals. In addition, there are sample meal plans that can help you get on your way to a healthier lifestyle!

Exercise Metabolic Test

The exercise metabolic test is consistent with any other maximal aerobic capacity test (VO2max). Your VO2max is the gold standard of measuring your cardiovascular fitness.

As you increase the intensity during exercise, your body responds differently at the various levels of exercise. Your body starts out using aerobic energy sources and gradually converts to anaerobic energy sources. These are differently physiological ‘Zones’ of your metabolism and are mostly driven by your heart and lung’s ability to provide sufficient oxygen to your body. Our metabolic testing finds these physiological zones and uses your heart rate zones as a guide to where these critical metabolic changes occur.


Exercise metabolic test for weight loss

Exercise plays an important role in reducing body fat. Research continues to show that long-duration low intensity exercise is best for burning fat. A minimum of 30 minutes 3x per week is needed to see results. Even though higher intensity workouts burn more calories per minute, they can be counter productive for weight loss.

Exercise metabolic test for athletic competition

Your Anaerobic Threshold (AT) represents the maximum intensity level that you can maintain for an extended period of time. Exercising at your AT heart rate will increase your performance in endurance activities.

Exercise metabolic test to increase cardiovascular fitness

Short duration intervals of exercising in your High and Peak Intensity Zones will aid in improving your cardiovascular fitness and athletic performance.

Exercise metabolic test to improve health

Research published by the American College of Sports Medicine proves that training at the intensity where you metabolize or “burn” the greatest amount of fat increases your ability to burn more fat and increases insulin sensitivity to better control blood sugar for the prevention and management of diabetes.

What is measured?

Individual Exercise Prescription & Heart Rate Training Zones

Getting objective data concerning your fitness level is fundamental in providing individual exercise prescription and effective weight management programs. Training at the right intensity and duration is absolutely necessary in achieving your goals faster. Once you have obtained your VO2max and heart rate response, you are able to determine your individual training zones (fat burning, endurance training, interval training, etc) and develop a customized training program.

How is the test done?

Using a slow ramping protocol, you will be walking/running on a treadmill until you reach close to your maximal exertion. Tests usually take 8-12 minutes.