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We’re Hiring!

Active Health Institute – Kinesiologist / Personal Trainer 

AHI is a patient centred, multidisciplinary clinic offering physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, personal training and naturopathic services. We are currently expanding and are seeking a kinesiologist to join our team. Continue reading “We’re Hiring!”

Heartburn? Is TUMS the answer?

Reaching for a popular heartburn medication may not be the best long term solution…


I’m frustrated. In my office, I see patients every day who are trying to make the right choices for their health and yet they are being sabotaged. Take for instance the popular heartburn relief medication TUMS. Had a spicy burrito with a beer and now you’re feeling the burn? No problems, any local pharmacy can help you out.

Ignoring for a minute why you have heart burn – a discussion for another day –at this stage you’re looking for relief.

Pop a tasty pill and relief. But what long term effects is that ‘medical product’ having on your body? Let’s take a closer look… Continue reading “Heartburn? Is TUMS the answer?”

School lunch

Helping your child pack a lunch for school is no easy feat. Schools in the Ottawa area have a plethora of school, board and ministry level policies that dictate what foods can and cannot be in your child’s lunch box.

In an effort to improve the total nutrition of our children, the Ministry of Education has endeavoured to create a School Food and Beverage policy which dictates what foods can be sold in schools. They have divided foods into 3 categories; Continue reading “School lunch”

Skiing Exercises

If you’re a lover of snow sports, specifically skiing such as I, you may need to prepare your body
for the months ahead. Skiing is aphysically demanding sportwhich requires four basic kinds
of movement: 1) balancing movements 2) edging movements 3) rotary movement and
4) pressure control movements. Your lower body (ankle, knees, hips and low back) is primarily
responsible for balance and edging movements. A combination of opposite rotary forces
through your upper and lower body is responsible for rotary movement.  For pressure control
movementsa delicate balance between weight distribution, flexing and extending joints in
your lower body and changing the angle of your skis are required.

Continue reading “Skiing Exercises”