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Active Health Institute – Kinesiologist / Personal Trainer 

AHI is a patient centred, multidisciplinary clinic offering physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, personal training and naturopathic services. We are currently expanding and are seeking a kinesiologist to join our team. Continue reading “We’re Hiring!”

Skiing Exercises

If you’re a lover of snow sports, specifically skiing such as I, you may need to prepare your body
for the months ahead. Skiing is aphysically demanding sportwhich requires four basic kinds
of movement: 1) balancing movements 2) edging movements 3) rotary movement and
4) pressure control movements. Your lower body (ankle, knees, hips and low back) is primarily
responsible for balance and edging movements. A combination of opposite rotary forces
through your upper and lower body is responsible for rotary movement.  For pressure control
movementsa delicate balance between weight distribution, flexing and extending joints in
your lower body and changing the angle of your skis are required.

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Proper Golf Warm-up.


Ever think what your golf warm-up should incorporate before a day on the links? No? Have you even thought about warming-up before hand? No? Well not too worry, the majority of recreational golfers do not and those that do, do not do it effectively.

Golf has not been known for it’s incredible athleticism and you do not need to be in particularly good shape to enjoy a day on the links. However, if you ever tune into a PGA tour tournament these days you will notice quite an upswing in the way pro golfers treat their bodies. You do not need to devote as much of your time as the pros, but a little time before you step onto the tee-off block will help you out tremendously. Here are a few warm-up stretches and exercises you can do before your next round.

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Spring Running Preparation

Spring is right around the corner…finally. And with spring comes the resurgence of running. From competitive runners eager to step back into a warmer climate to recreational runners looking to start their seasonal running program. Whatever population you belong to, running represents one of the easiest and most beneficial types of cardiovascular exercise to partake in. However, with the majority of us not running on a regular basis during the winter months and plan on running regularly very soon (when will the winter end!?), preventing injury should be number one on your radar. Especially if you want to have a happy pain free 2014 running season. Here are a couple tips to keep you running happy and prevent common running injuries. Continue reading “Spring Running Preparation”

Healthy Breakfast Alternative – Buckwheat Vegan Pancakes

Author: Katy’s (kathyskitchen.ca)

Prep time:  10 mins 
Cook time:  15 mins 
Total time:  25 mins 

Yield: 8-10 pancakes 

Patients often inquire about variety of foods they can eat at breakfast that fall within their dietary restrictions.  As more individuals are avoiding foods containing, dairy, eggs and white flour, finding good, healthy recipes can be a bit challenging at first. These Buckwheat vegan pancakes are quick to pull together and freeze well for busy weekday breakfasts. Continue reading "Healthy Breakfast Alternative – Buckwheat Vegan Pancakes"