Heartburn? Is TUMS the answer?

Reaching for a popular heartburn medication may not be the best long term solution…


I’m frustrated. In my office, I see patients every day who are trying to make the right choices for their health and yet they are being sabotaged. Take for instance the popular heartburn relief medication TUMS. Had a spicy burrito with a beer and now you’re feeling the burn? No problems, any local pharmacy can help you out.

Ignoring for a minute why you have heart burn – a discussion for another day –at this stage you’re looking for relief.

Pop a tasty pill and relief. But what long term effects is that ‘medical product’ having on your body? Let’s take a closer look… Continue reading “Heartburn? Is TUMS the answer?”

School lunch

Helping your child pack a lunch for school is no easy feat. Schools in the Ottawa area have a plethora of school, board and ministry level policies that dictate what foods can and cannot be in your child’s lunch box.

In an effort to improve the total nutrition of our children, the Ministry of Education has endeavoured to create a School Food and Beverage policy which dictates what foods can be sold in schools. They have divided foods into 3 categories; Continue reading “School lunch”

Make your own Sports Drink

Sports Drink Made at Home



Sports drinks are drinks that include some form of sugar/carbohydrate and electrolytes. Popular commercial brands include Gatorade or Poweraid. These mixes provide the carbohydrates as a fuel source for muscles as well as the electrolytes to replenish losses from sweat and help to reduce risk of muscle cramps.

Electrolytes are just that, electrolytes and water. Electrolytes are substances that ionize when dissolved. The ones that we think of for athletic performance include potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sodium. They allow muscles to contract and relax and help the nervous system send signals for muscle activity.

With both sports drinks and electrolyte mixes, we are seeing ‘designer’ formulars flood the marker. Caffeine, vitamins, anti-oxidants, ‘energy boosters’, herbs are all examples of ingredients being added to provide increased sports benefit. Quantity, let alone the quality of these ingredients needs to be further examined on an individual basis.

Continue reading “Make your own Sports Drink”

Something Toxic in Men’s Bathrooms?

Something Toxic in Men’s Bathrooms?


Although traditionally we think of women when we talk about cosmetics and bathroom products, but men use a handful as well. Shaving cream, aftershave, moisturizer, deodorant, shampoo can usually be found in any man’s bathroom. But what’s actually in those products? Are you lathering your face in toxins every morning? The average Canadian uses 15 personal products with 100 different toxins in the morning. So for the majority of men out there, the answer is yes, you are covering your face and body in harmful creams that have been linked to cancer, fertility issues, hormonal problems and allergies. Fortunately, the Environmental Defense and the Environmental Working Group have done their research to help navigate this world of men’s ‘cosmetics’.

Let’s focus on 2 toxins in particular; triclosan and phthalates. Continue reading “Something Toxic in Men’s Bathrooms?”

Spring Running Preparation

Spring is right around the corner…finally. And with spring comes the resurgence of running. From competitive runners eager to step back into a warmer climate to recreational runners looking to start their seasonal running program. Whatever population you belong to, running represents one of the easiest and most beneficial types of cardiovascular exercise to partake in. However, with the majority of us not running on a regular basis during the winter months and plan on running regularly very soon (when will the winter end!?), preventing injury should be number one on your radar. Especially if you want to have a happy pain free 2014 running season. Here are a couple tips to keep you running happy and prevent common running injuries. Continue reading “Spring Running Preparation”