We’re Hiring!

Active Health Institute – Kinesiologist / Personal Trainer 

AHI is a patient centred, multidisciplinary clinic offering physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, personal training and naturopathic services. We are currently expanding and are seeking a kinesiologist to join our team. Continue reading “We’re Hiring!”

Omohyoid Muscle Syndrome in a Mixed Martial Arts Athlete: A Case Report

Very proud of our very own, Dr. Shayne Young and his colleagues for their published case report in Sports Health Journal.  This case report looks at Omohyoid muscle syndrome is a mixed martial arts athlete. Follow the link below to gain access to the full article.


Spring Running Preparation

Spring is right around the corner…finally. And with spring comes the resurgence of running. From competitive runners eager to step back into a warmer climate to recreational runners looking to start their seasonal running program. Whatever population you belong to, running represents one of the easiest and most beneficial types of cardiovascular exercise to partake in. However, with the majority of us not running on a regular basis during the winter months and plan on running regularly very soon (when will the winter end!?), preventing injury should be number one on your radar. Especially if you want to have a happy pain free 2014 running season. Here are a couple tips to keep you running happy and prevent common running injuries. Continue reading “Spring Running Preparation”

Physiotherapy and Headaches

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Although certain factors that lead to head pain cannot be altered, such as your genetics, physiotherapy can help treat headaches that are caused by poor posture, decreased neck range of motion, muscle tension and tightness of your neck and shoulders. Many individuals that suffer from neck problems commonly report increased frequency of headaches, unaware that there is often a connection between the two.  Continue reading “Physiotherapy and Headaches”

Kinesio Tape – How does it work?

Kinesio Tape, K-Tape, Rock Tape; has become quite popular in the sporting/manual therapy community. Kinesio Tape was first developed by a Japanese chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase back in the 1970’s. Yet it has only garnered attention from the general public after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, when many of the Olympic athletes began to sport the colorful look of the tape during their respective events. Since then, Kinesio tape can be seen being used in almost every major sporting league.  Continue reading “Kinesio Tape – How does it work?”